Keyf Chemical
Our company starts working in cosmetic area in 2007 and still in service with certificates like ISO9001:2008, OHSAS:18001-2007, GMP, ISO14001:2004i. We produce cosmetic and cleaning supplies.
We work as a custom factoring company too.
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Dimole Cosmetics
Dimole Cosmetics starts to run in 2007 with "extraordinaire products" principle. As a comapy which produce in accordance with global quality standarts, we intent to offer fair prices.
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İnova Packaging
While our activities in cosmetic area, we identified shortages of supplying and designing. In 2012 İnova Packaging starts to work with known foreign companies to be a solution about this issue.
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Inoway Software
Our company which founded in 2008, works in information technology area, primarily web and desktop applications.
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İnovasyon Consultancy
We offer all assistance you need when you are working with one of our companies.

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