Inovasyon Grup, in line with their corporate strategy, provides services to leading companies in Turkey since it had been founded in 1997. When evaluated in terms of our industry, every company operating in the service sector, our most important quality control mechanism of our valued customers and your satisfaction. The satisfaction of our customers moved Inovasyon Grup up to its' actual position in the market. Without drowning you in the verbiage , our aim is to help you to evaluate us with our performance indicators and the features which every institutional company must have.
If the company you're working has corporate structures,
If they stay side by side with you at the solution point to your problems,
If they precise to make significant investments,
If they are well monitoring the technology and reflect it to their production,
If they stand on your side to find solutions to your problems and enquiries,
If they well trained and sufficient personnel,
If they are able to fulfill their commitments on time and price,
If you are satisfied about their sensibility about your security vulnerabilities,
If they evaluating your proposals and enquiries and put them into action,
If they really follow the legal and moral rules,
And if you realise all of them as reality
Please continue to work with that company because they have a good team mates, we would like to congratulate you for your selection.
To add a place for every row you would like to add and we have actions for every suggestions. Thank you for your interest and your patience.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your suggestions and even for claims.
Our main aim is to evaluate ourselves once more with your eyes.
Our job is to realize your demands.
Our philosophy is: Minimized Costs, Maximized Quality and Shipment on time.
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